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Universes are infinite.

Nature is a creative integrated system full of resources devoted to serve mankind who crowned data as the globe’s next natural resource striving for Versatility and searching for Solutions


Universes are our limits.


Nature is our resource.


Versatility is our mark


Solutions are our passion


“Best-of-Breed End-to-End Turnkey Integrated IT Solutions”

“We put it all together for your Success”

UNVS is established in the beautiful city of Wesley Chapel in Florida USA. Its strategic location in the Tampa Bay area between Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville and Miami gives it reach to a large number of global companies, technology providers, partners and resources.

The core value of UNVS is its ability to offer, implement, operate and support End-To-End Turnkey Best-of-Breed Worldwide Enterprise Information Technology,

Telecommunications, Networking, Infrastructure and Business Solutions across multiple industries on a global level

UNVS is very well equipped with highly skilled professionals, subject matter experts, specialists, architects and consultants in addition to allying and partnering with local, worldwide and offshore partners and alliances