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Platinum Consultancy
& Support (PCS)

What is “Platinum Consultancy & Support (PCS)”?

What does PCS cover?

Why PCS?

Subject Matter Experts on niche areas
Companies may have programmers, administrators, planners and strategizers but they may not have the highly qualified SMBs and brains who surpass regular specialists' capabilities
PCS is not for regular support
Every product comes with regular support coverage for fix packs, bugs and new releases. But with PCS we go beyond regular support by helping customers investigate and fix complex implementation challenges (Architecture, Design, Development and Programming)
PCS is for complex and sophisticated missions.
When the environment is complex and there are integrated solutions comprised of many products from different technology providers running on multiplatform then PCS is the best choice to help with and solve any architecture, design and implementation challenges
PCS is for solving mission critical technical issues
When time is sensitive and immediate support is needed to investigate and support complex business and technical issues then PCS is the solution to assess existing environment, propose solutions, draw road maps and implement proposed solutions and ideas through predefined SOW
PCS is beyond regular consultancy
When company is looking for efficient IT system in place to deliver greater productivity, minimize downtime, reduce costs and ensure Infrastructure alignment with industry standards and products and systems installation and implementation compatibility with Best Practices then PCS is the best choice to assess existing infrastructure from business and technology perspectives to bridge any gaps between business and IT and to give management in-depth analysis of their IT environment and insight into what may need to be improved upon within the IT infrastructure

When to apply for PCS?

Upon purchasing of new SW license or HW machines
Upon renewal of SW and HW SS&S
Anytime before, during or after project kickoff
Whenever needed

How to apply for PCS?

Sending a request to add a prepaid block of hours to any new purchase of SW or HW, to any support renewal quote or at anytime
The request should include the set of products to list in the program
If the requested prepaid block of hours is for general IT Consultancy or Assessments or Auditing then description of scope of service is required to be included in the request
Requests can be communicated by phone, via emails, official RFP or RFQ.

How PCS works?